Bankers Heart and Multi Specialty Hospital, Warasia

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Banker’s Heart and Multispecialty Hospital is driven by its mission to provide the finest healthcare through innovative technologies. With this goal in mind, we have some of the most technologically advanced healthcare systems in the region. Our hospital is completely climatically controlled to reduce chances of infections as well as increase comfort of our patients.

In keeping with the times, we have integrated a completely wi-fi enabled hospital. This technology has a two-fold advantage:

The Institute’s objectives are:

  • We are able to provide remote consultation to patients who cannot physically be on our premises.
  • Doctors throughout the hospital have immediate access to their patient’s reports and can monitor their progress from anywhere in the hospital, or in the world!

Our ICU is one of the largest in the city, with 21 beds. The ICU is built so as to provide a panoramic view to the doctors and nurses from any corner of it. We also have a tablet for each bed to connect the patients and the doctors. To increase the comfort of the patients in the ICU, we have bedside x-ray, sonography and echo test available. Headed by an intensivist, the ICU is constantly monitored by a team of nurses and at least, 2 doctors, at any given time.

Our operations theatres are modularly designed to minimize any chances of infection. Additionally, zonal boundaries have been established and are strictly followed to ensure the highest hygiene levels. We have linoleum floors in all our OTs and have hepa filters installed that purify air up to 99.99%. We have a separate OT according to the International guidelines, to take care of infected and septic patients.

All our patient rooms are designed in such a way, that patients and their relatives, have a comfortable stay. Housekeeping ensures thorough cleaning of each and every room at regular intervals throughout the day. Our rooms are equipped with flat screen televisions, sofas and an additional air conditioner. We provide meals to the patients, as per the dietician’s guidelines. The food is prepared up to the most hygienic standards by trained staff in the same canteen in our premises. And a canteen is available for the benefit of any visitors.