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As per the notification of the Govt. of India (NPPA) No: 19(837)/2016/NPPA/Div-II

Sr. No.
Coronary Stents
(SI. 31 in Schedule I of DPCO, 2013)
(In Number)
Ceiling Price
(in Rs.)
Bare Metal Stents
Drug Eluting Stents (DES)
including metalic DES and Bioresorbable
Vascular Scaffold (BVS) Biodegradable Stents

* Including GST as applicable

The price is as per the Ceiling price prescribed by the NPPA.

OPD Advance Deposits
Registration 200
Consultation - Dr. Banker 1800
Follow up -Upto 6 months (Including ECG+Echo Screening) 2200
Follow up - 6 months to 1 Year + Tests as per list 4500/7500
Case & CD Review - For Expert Opinion (With/Without Pt.) 2500
Consultation - Cardiologist 1200
Follow up - Cardiologist 600
Consultation - Cardiac Surgeon 1500
Follow up - Cardiac Surgeon 1000
Consultation - Nephrologist 600
Follow up - Nephrologist 300
Consultation - Intensivist 800
Follow up - Intensivist 400
Consultation - Electrophysiologist 1000
Follow up - Electrophysiologist 600
Consultation - Ortho 400
Follow up - Ortho 200
Consultation - General Surgeon 400
Follow up - General Surgeon 200
Echo Colour Doppler - Full Study 2500
Echo Colour Doppler - Screening 1200
3D - ECHO 3500
Strain Imaging 4000
Bubble Contrast ECHO 6000
Dobutamine Stress Echo (DSE) 4500
Transesophageal Echo (TEE) 6000
Tread mill (stress) Test (TMT) 2500
Electrocardiogram (ECG) 500
Bedside Echo 5000
Abdominal Sonography 1200
Carotid Doppler 3300
Venous One - Limb 3300
Venous Both - Limb 6600
Holter Monitoring 5500
Arterial Doppler One-Limb 3300
Arterial Doppler Both-Limb 6600
Pulmonary Function Test 1000
Pacemaker Check-up (Ecg+Echo Screening+Consultation) 2500
X-Ray 500
Ambulatory BP Monitoring - 24 Hours 3000
Regular Dressing 1000
Infective Dressing 2000
Pt. Transportation Charge (Within Baroda) 2500
Full Escort(with Doctor and Sister) Within Baroda 4500
Mortuary (Per Day) 2000
Comprehensive Health Check-up 7000
Executive Health Check-up 5000
Healthy Heart Check-up 3500
Senior Citizens Health Check-up 2750
Admission Details Advance Deposits
ICCU Admission 15000
Procedure / Package / Emergency Procedures 100%
IPD Charges (Packages) Wards Semi Special Special Deluxe
Coronary Angiography 15000 17000 20000 25000
Angioplasty + Cost of Stent 140000+ 160000+ 180000+ 200000+
Primary Angioplasty + Cost of Stent 160000+ 180000+ 200000+ 220000+
Second stage Angioplasty+ Cost of stent 90000+ 100000+ 110000+ 130000+
Balloon Valvuloplasty (BMV) 75000 85000 100000 130000
Permanent Pacemaker Implant (Single) + Cost of Pacemaker 65000+ 85000+ 95000+ 105000+
Permanent Pacemaker Implant (Dual) + Cost of Pacemaker 85000+ 95000+ 115000+ 135000+
Peripheral Angiography 11000 14000 17000 25000
Peripheral Angioplasty + Cost of Stent 90000+ 110000+ 150000+ 170000+
ASD/VSD/PDA Closure + Cost of Device 95000+ 105000+ 125000+ 150000+
EP Study with RF Ablation 90000 100000 115000 135000
Renal Sympathetic Denervation 80000 95000 115000 135000
IABP (Intra Aortic Balloon Pump) extra Day charges Rs.3500/- 70000 70000 70000 70000
Pericardial Tapping 10000 10000 10000 10000
Temp. Pace Maker (extra Day charges Rs.1500) 11000 11000 11000 11000
ICCU Charges 5000 5000 5000 5000
Room Charges 1500 2000 4000 5000
Package Details for Angiography (all Category) Package Details for Angioplasty (All Category)
Includes: Includes:
Bed Charges for 24 Hrs,Procedure/Doctor Charges, Blood lnvestigation (HIV, HbsAg, Creatinine, CBC, RBS), Cath-lab Charges, Cath-Lab Consumables, Diet Counseling, Physic Counseling, Developing/Issuing CD Bed Charges for 1 Day In ICCU & 3 Days In Wards Consultant/Procedures Charges, Cath-lab Charges, Cath-lab Consumables, Diet Counselling, Physio Counselling, Blood Investigations : HIV, HbsAg, Creatinine, CBC, RBS, Developing/Issuing CD
Excludes: Excludes:
Referral Visits, Stand by Anaesthetist Charges, Blood lnvestigation: Except Hiv, HbsAg.Creatinine, CBC, rbs, Medicines & lnjectables, Stay beycnd 24 Hrs, Emergency Charges, Non-lonic Dyes Stent and Consumable, Medicines & Injectables & Balloon, Stand by Consultant/Anaesthetist Charges, Blood Investigation : Except HIV, HbsAg, Creatinine, CBC, RBS, IABP in case High Risk/Primary Angioplasty, Referral Visits Consumables in case of Staged Angioplasty Stay beyond included in this package. Emergency Charges
Cardiac Surgery (Packages) Wards Semi Special
Bypass (CABG / Beating Heart ) 185000 220000
Valve & Congenital Surgery + Cost of Valve 185000+ 220000+
ASD / VSD Closure Surgery 165000 185000
Pericardiectomy 100000 115000
 PDA / CMC 80000 95000
Cardiac Surgery (Packages) Special Deluxe
Bypass (CABG / Beating Heart ) 250000 280000
Valve & Congenital Surgery + Cost of Valve 250000+ 280000+
ASD / VSD Closure Surgery 230000 260000
Pericardiectomy 130000 140000
PDA / CMC 105000 120000
7 Days Hospital stay (3 days ICU - 4 days in wards)Medicines and injections upto Rs. 5000/-Operation theater charges, Surgical fees, Professional fees of Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, CardiacAnaesthetist, Assistant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Medical Record charges, Diet Counselling, Physio Counselling, Blood investigations upto Rs. 4000/-
Referral Doctors visit Cost of valv, Coronary Angiography, IABP-Rs. 70,000/- Swanganz Catheter, Carotid Angiography - if required Medicines and injectables over Rs. 5000/-Units of Blood, Re-exploration charges Stay beyond included in this package.

Note: Currently MA YOJNA service not available at this Branch

The Institute offers Preventive Cardiology Programme called: 'Healthy Heart'
  • Emergency Cardiac Care
  • Pharmacy.
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Ambulance
  • Radiology

Full time experienced Nutritionist is available to indoor as well as outdoor patient for counselling. All the in -house patients receive 24 hour diet services. patient meals are planned by Physicians & Dieticians and is served hygienically to patients under the observation of a qualified Dietician.


Physiotherapy is essential to all post Surgical Cardiac Patients. Round the clock exercise sessions are carried out under the guidance of our Physiotherapists. The service is also offered to outdoor patients.


Considering the needs of relatives of Cardiac patients, we have Medical Social Worker who takes care of social and emotional needs of patients and their relatives.


The Cardiac Rehabilitation provides a multidisciplinary approach to the rehabilitation of medical and surgical Cardiac patients. The three phase program is designed to help Cardiac patients combat Coronary Artery disease and make a lifelong commitment to exercise and good health.


The 'Healthy Heart' is a program targeted at normal and high risk population of the society to prevent development of heart diseases. The Preventive Cardiology programme is run with the help of Cardiologist, Dietician, Physiotherapist & Yoga specialist.

These services consist of Echo Colour Dopper, Dobutamine Stress Echo, Transesophageal Echo, Tread Mill Stress Test, Electrocardiogram, Holter Monitoring etc. The institute has state of the art equipment and facilities for prompt and precise diagnosis & treatment of heart diseases. VIVID 7 Colour Doppler machine is the first of its kind in Vadodara. It has state of the art imaging which gives incredible image clarity and quality.

Dedicated Computerised Treadmill Test Machine evaluates heart function under physiological stress & picks up early signs of Coronary insufficiency .


2D echo Doppler is first of its kind in Vadodara the machine has state of art digital imaging, direct CD writing from machine and excellent Resolution for Vascular Doppler.


Smooth functioning of OPD is ensured by round the clock availability of efficient reception staff backed by centralized computer system to avail instant access to all patient-data and information for evaluation and follow-up. Consultation is done by experienced Cardiologists & Cardiac Surgeons who at every stage will keep interest of patient and their families as top priority. The Institute has a large,climate controlled waiting area for patients and their relatives..


Cardio thoracic surgical facilities include a dedicated theater for Cardiac surgeries and a separate Intensive Care Unit for post operative patients. The theater is equipped with Sams Heart-Lung Machine, Valleylab Cautery,Prismalix OT lights, electrically operated Operation table, Dragger - Fabius Anaesthesia Machine etc.

A team of Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeons is supported by Cardiac Anaesthetist, trained nurses in OT & ITU, Perfusionists and technicians. Round the clock cover is provided to deal with any cardiac emergency. Apart from conventional adult and pediatric Cardiac surgery, advanced and innovative techniques like minimally invasive Cardiac surgery, Beating Heart surgery, total Arterial Revascularization etc. are done regularly keeping pace with the latest developments in field of Cardiac surgery.

Our dedicated team of Cardiologists is available full time at the Hospital. High quality images obtained with Siemens Flat Detector provides the basis of decision making. Siemens flat detector - first of its kind in Gujarat, has the benefit of less dye load, less procedure time & better image quality producing more convincing images.

We routinely perform diagnostic procedures like Coronary Angiography & Cardiac Catheterization and therapeutic procedures like Coronary Angioplasty (with / without Stent), Pacemaker Implantation, Balloon Valvuloplasty, Pericardial tapping etc. We also have capabilities to do complex as well as primary Angioplasties & non Coronary Interventions with experienced hands. In addition, diagnostic Arteriogram of Cerebral, Carotid,Peripheral & Renal circulation can be obtained in a single sitting.



In a healthcare setup, a doctor's duty is not only to care for the living but also to help in arranging for the proper procedure for those patients who die. The deceased should be treated with dignity and respect. To help fulfill this duty, We at Bankers Heart Institute provide Mortuary facility to preserve the dead body in safe and secured conditions. For more details about Mortuary Facility at Bankers Heart Institute, OP Road contact on +91 265 2324004 / 2320099 / 2320404.