Commitment to Quality

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Bringing the best quality care to Vadodara and Gujarat has always been the goal of the group. To ensure that we are providing world class care to our patients, our hospitals each have numerous committees and audits to maintain the highest quality of care. Our committees collect data on a regular basis, analyze the data and take the required action needed to ensure compliance.

Some of our committees are:

  • Management Committee
  • Ethics committee
  • HIC committee
  • Drug regulation / Pharmacy committee
  • Multidisciplinary committee for CPR
  • Medical Audit committee
  • Hospital Safety committee
  • CASH
  • QA committee

These committees collect and analyze the following data:

  • Rate of re-intubation in ICCU
  • Door to balloon time
  • Assessment of Rigors in patients undergoing procedures in cath. lab.
  • Assessment of Vascular Complications after invasive procedures
  • Assessment of IABP support- outcomes
  • Lab reporting errors
  • Rate of re exploration
  • Blood consumption on CABG surgery
  • Rate of Pump (CPB) Conversion
  • Hospital Mortality
  • Review of CPR

We are happy to share that

  • Our hospital-acquired infection rates, on an average, are less than 1%.
  • Our rate of re-exploration is minimum as compared to national surgical data
  • The average door-to balloon time is less than 90 minutes which is in compliance with the American Heart Association
  • Our new blood policy ensures minimal usage of blood and blood products.